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About Nurse Training Online

What is Nurse Training Online?

Nurse Training Online, or NTO for short, is dedicated to making continuing professional development (CPD) simple by offering top quality online training directly to nurses.

Nurse Training Online makes earning CPD points to meet your professional and regulatory requirements simple. Get the topics you want, and the CPD you need, conveniently online.

Find out more about CPD and the AHPRA CPD standard.

What do I get when I register?

Joining Nurse Training Online is absolutely free. When you register you will receive our Hand Hygiene course at no charge, available to you immediately.

You will need to register to be able to access your training on Nurse Training Online and to access your certificates once you've completed courses. We respect your privacy.

Who runs Nurse Training Online?

Nurse Training Online is run by e3Learning, a multi-award winning eLearning company who delivers courses to more than 1 million learners, in more than 30 different countries. e3Learning is one of Australia’s most successful eLearning companies, making both the BRW Fast 100 and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2012 and 2013. Over the years, e3Learning has developed a range of health specific eLearning courses in partnership with experts in the health sector, such as the Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA), Australian Red Cross, TENA, Smith & Nephew, and the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association (AHHA). Nurse Training Online now makes these courses available direct to nurses.

What’s different about Nurse Training Online?

The courses on Nurse Training Online are unique because they are created by experts in both health and online training.

e3Learning are elearning experts. They have won multiple awards for their courses, including LearnX awards and ‘Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution’ at the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) National Training Excellence Awards (2011).

e3Learning leverage their expertise by working in collaboration with subject matter experts to create their online training courses. These partnerships mean that everyone does what they do best. e3Learning handle making the training courses and the subject matter experts focus on course content.

How are the courses created?

All the courses available on Nurse Training Online are created in collaboration between e3Learning and a subject matter expert (SME). The SME provides the raw materials for the course, reviews the course during the build process and also conducts scheduled content updates and adhoc reviews after the courses are built as legislation or practice changes over time. The courses are built in-house by e3Learning using their team of professional writers, instructional designers, developers, and illustrators.

The result? Up-to-date, expert-reviewed topics delivered in interesting, interactive online courses, all available on Nurse Training Online.

What makes Nurse Training Online content so good?

If you have ever endured a boring lecture or an unhelpful training session you know that even experts can’t always teach others effectively. Nurse Training Online only offers courses that are built by professional online training experts in partnership with content experts. That means the topics are on point, the training is interesting and effective, and the results speak for themselves.

You can see just how good the training is for yourself by registering now and completing your free course.

What do I get with my online training?

Nurse Training Online makes CPD truly simple. Get the topics you want and the CPD you need, with online convenience for every course. All the training courses are professionally designed, have audio, activities and in-line assessments so you can easily monitor your own learning.

Upon completion, every course will provide a certificate which clearly shows the CPD points associated with that course.

Every session is available to you online and can be completed at your own pace. Pause anytime you need and the system will automatically save your progress. You have access to every course you buy for a year, so you can work your way through whenever it’s convenient for you, or come back to review the course any time, even after you’ve completed it.

How is my CPD recorded?

Every course you complete will generate a certificate with CPD points clearly shown. However, this will not show the amount of time you personally spent completing this course. It is your responsibility to calculate how many hours of active learning have taken place. Remember, one hour of active learning will equal one hour of CPD.

We recommend you note the time you spent in a professional portfolio diary or log and keep that together with your completion certificate.

If you need more information about tracking CPD, check the Registration Standards on the AHPRA website.

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